Gutter Cleaning Livingston County IL

Gutter Cleaning Livingston County IL

Professional Gutter Cleaning for Livingston County IL

As you begin your spring or fall cleaning, make sure gutter cleaning is at the top of your checklist! Gutter cleaning in Livingston County IL is a crucial roof component that works to protect your home or business from potential water damage. And without functioning gutters, you risk a crumbling foundation, falling siding, interior damage, mold growth and more. Be sure your gutters are working as they should with the help of Popejoy Roofing.

How Can You Tell Your Gutters Need Cleaning?

While most contractors will recommend cleaning for your gutters twice a year, we understand there will be folks who prefer to wait until their gutters need it. And to be sure the time is right for gutter cleaning from Popejoy, here are a few signs your gutter might be clogged up:

  • Sagging and Bending – Even the strength of your gutters has its limits. If debris buildup is severe enough, it can lead to water pooling in one section of your gutters. And that excess of water (or ice in winter) can put too much stress on your gutters, causing them to sag or bend.
  • Downspouts Not Draining – The purpose of your gutters is to take rainwater or melted snow that rolls off your roof and carry it away from the sides and base of your property, ultimately draining out your downspout. However, if water isn’t draining from your downspout, that means it’s draining somewhere that can cause harm to your home.
  • Pests and Insects – If you begin to notice mosquitos swarming, birds perching on your roof, or rodents jumping in and out of your gutters, there’s likely a blockage and pooling water in your gutters. If pests and insects feel comfortable enough making their home in your gutters, this means water isn’t correctly flowing through.
  • Overflowing Gutters – If water has nowhere to go, it’s going to flow over the sides of your gutters. This will become apparent if more water than usual drops over the side of your house during a storm. Or, in winter, if there is an abnormal number of icicles hanging over the side of your gutters, this is a sign of clogging.
Gutter Cleaning Livingston County IL
Roofer Gutter Cleaning in Livingston County IL

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