A roofer performing flashing repair in Champaign IL

Flashing Repair

From maintaining shingles to keeping roofing in place, there’s plenty that goes into the upkeep of your roof. And with the inclusion of flashing, your roofing is completely sealed so no water can escape into your home. Thus, if you begin to notice leaking around roof fixtures like skylights, chimneys or flumes, or the source of water is from the joint points in your roofing, flashing repair may become necessary. And for those who require fast and efficient flashing repair, Popejoy Roofing is the number one roof contractor to call.

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A contractor in the process of tear-off roofing in Champaign IL


There are plenty of options when it comes to restoring your roof. Some of the choices you make will benefit you more in the long or short term, and sometimes it comes down to what you’re willing to pay. However, performing tear-off roofing is one of the options Popejoy Roofing more often suggests. We work with you to evaluate the current state of your roof and help you decide on whether tear-off roofing is right for you.

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A contractor re-roofing a home in Champaign IL


When strong gusts chill your attic and downpours allow water to seep into your home, it may be time to consider what your roofing options are. And for those not willing to entirely replace their roofs, re-roofing might be the best option. Popejoy Roofing offers fast and efficient re-roofing for families or businesses looking to solve their roofing troubles. Our contractors are trained and certified to provide the most reliable roofing, and for a price you can afford.

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