Malarkey Shingles Champaign IL

Malarkey Shingles Champaign IL

Make the Right Choice for Your Roof with malarkey Shingles in Champaign IL

Are you looking to make a change to your roof? Do you need protection that’s durable, long-lasting and beautiful? Then, why not consider Malarkey Shingles in Champaign IL? Popejoy Roofing is a certified partner of Malarkey, offering some of the best roofing products on the market. The quality of Malarkey shingles backed by Popejoy’s excellent installation service is sure to match you with the best possible upgrade for your roof.

What’s to Love About Malarkey?

Homeowners and businesses alike count on the reliability of a Malarkey Roof. Malarkey looks to set itself apart from competitors by offering roofing products with unique features meant to improve your roof’s energy efficiency and longevity.

  • Impact Resistant
    • Severe hailstorms are an incredibly stressful time for homeowners and insurance companies alike. While a roof does its job to protect your home, hail can cause significant impact damage to your shingles. However, Malarkey shingles are stronger than most. Property inspectors have found Malarkey shingles to withstand impact from most hail up to two inches. Furthermore, that impact resistance protects your roof from falling branches, flying debris and more.
  • Cleaner Air
    • Did you know by installing Malarkey shingles, you are helping to clean the air in your environment? It’s true! Malarkey shingles for Champaign IL and beyond use 3M™ smog-reducing granules. The granules can harness sunlight to photocatalytically convert smog into water-soluble ions. Or, in other words, your shingles use energy from the sun to clean the air. No other shingles do more for the environment than Malarkey shingles.
  • Extreme Durability & Insulation
    • The proprietary polymer modified asphalt known as NEX® is behind the strength, durability and resistance of Malarkey’s roofing products. The benefits of NEX® include flexibility, granule adhesion, cold weather insulation and recyclability. This unique material ensures shingles stay firmly attached to your roof and can save you on monthly energy bills when it comes to keeping heat trapped in your home.
Roof installers placing new Malarkey Shingles in Champaign IL

Our Roofing Services

Popejoy Roofing does more than provide excellent products; we offer stellar roofing service, too! From installing flashing to replacing shingles, we do it all for your roof. For example, our services include:

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