How can I tell if my roof is damaged by hail?

What To Know About Hail Damage And Your Roof

If you’ve recently had a hail storm in your area with larger-size hail, you might worry about the condition of your roof.  There are several factors involved, but if you have any doubts about the condition of your roof, it’s best to call in the roofing professionals. Popejoy Roofing can inspect your roof and let you know what steps you need to take. Call 217-600-2464.

A hail-damaged roof is seen. How can I tell if my roof is damaged by hail? Call Popejoy Roofing.

Can Small Hailstones Damage A Roof?

As you probably assume, the larger the hailstones, the more damage they may cause. However, the size of the stone is not the only factor. Here are some things to consider:

  • The condition of the roof plays a large part in how susceptible it is to hail damage. A newer roof with top-quality shingles may be unscathed by hailstones that completely ruin an older roof or one with lower-quality shingles.
  • Small, pea-size or marble-sized hail are not likely to cause serious problems, but another factor to consider is the length and severity of the storm. How long was your roof pelted with hail? Also, how many such storms has your roof endured in recent years? This damage might be more subtle and may require expert evaluation.
  • Medium-sized hail, usually described as dime-sized to quarter-sized can easily dent or crack shingles, dislodge granules from asphalt roofs and harm the integrity of the roof. If in doubt, call in the roofing experts at Popejoy.
  • Larger hailstones can cause extensive roofing damage – likely severe enough damage that it will be immediately apparent even to the untrained eye.
  • The slope of your roof also plays a part in determining the level of likely damage.

What Are Some Common Signs Of Hail-Caused Roof Damage?

You may or may not be able to safely check for damage yourself, depending on whether you can get a clear visual from the ground. In some cases, you may even be able to get a good look at a portion of your roof from an upper-story window. Or you may be able to use a personal drone. If you can’t safely check the roof yourself, don’t hesitate to call in a roofing expert to check for things like:

A hail-damaged roof is seen. How can I tell if my roof is damaged by hail? Call Popejoy Roofing in Bloomington or Champaign.
  • Are there visible impact marks or indentations on your asphalt shingles or metal roof? Check most carefully on the sides of your roof that were most exposed to the hailstorm.
  • Look for a pattern of missing granules that appear to have been knocked off by the impact of hailstones.
  • Check for fractures, cracks or splits in spots where the ice made direct contact. If these are present, they greatly increase the chance of leaks and water damage.
  • Exposed or torn underlayment may be hard to check for yourself, but you may be able to view it from the attic.
  • Does it appear your flashing was damaged? Any such damage will need an immediate repair to avoid water infiltration.
  • If you have a tile roof, check for cracked or broken tiles. Larger hailstones can fracture clay or concrete tiles and will require attention.
  • Do you have new water stains on your ceilings or walls? If so, you’ll need an immediate roofing repair or replacement.

So How Can I Tell If Hail Damaged My Roof?

The truth is, it’s not always easy to know if hail has damaged your roof. And if it has, do you need a repair or total replacement? The best way to find out is to bring the roofing experts at Popejoy Roofing. Call 217-600-2464.