Roof Hail Damage Bloomington IL

Roof Hail Damage Bloomington IL

Counteract Roof Hail Damage in Bloomington IL with Help from Popejoy

In Illinois, our weather is often unpredictable. One day might be bright and sunny, and the next day stormy with hail. For Midwestern weather, there’s rarely any consistency. Unfortunately, the same can be said for roof hail damage in Bloomington IL. After a hail storm, it can be challenging to tell whether your roof experienced severe damage or not. Thankfully, professional roofers can quickly assess the damage and provide the services necessary for restoring your roof. Call Popejoy Roofing today to ask about our roof repair services.

What Does Roof Hail Damage Look Like?

Your home’s exterior is the direct barrier between you and severe weather. This means that your roof can take a beating. However, a significant enough hail storm can be enough to knock or dent shingles on your roof. If in the aftermath of a recent hail storm, check for these potential signs of roof damage:

  • Dents – Large enough hail can leave dents on your roof’s shingles. Typically, hail must be one inch (or more) in diameter for a significant enough dent to occur. Such damage isn’t immediately harmful to your roof, but it could impact the longevity of your roof if not appropriately addressed.
  • Damaged Flashing/Vents – While your shingles cover most of your roof, flashing and vents can be slightly more susceptible to hail damage. Flashing and vents are made of pliable metal, which is easier to dent. Due to these areas of your roof directly covering seams or holes where leaking is most likely to occur, any flashing or vent damage can be a source for future water damage.
  • Broken and Torn-Off Shingles – If your roof is older or has sustained hail damage previously, your shingles might experience more than dents. Repeated damage to old or previously damaged shingles can cause them to crack, tear or break. Worse yet, if strong winds accompany hail, your damaged shingles might be ripped right off your roof. Needless to say, this leaves portions of your roof exposed.
Roof Hail Damage inspector in Bloomington IL

How Popejoy Can Help

After a hail storm, reach out to Popejoy Roofing ASAP. We can provide a thorough inspection of your roof to determine the extent of the damage. In response, our team provides quick and efficient roof repair, addressing the most damaged portions of your roof. Ideally, all that will be required is the replacement of a few shingles. However, complete roof replacement might be necessary if your roof experienced extensive damage for shingles, vents, and flashing.

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If concerned over potential roof hail damage in Bloomington IL, you can count on Popejoy Roofing to restore your roof like new. To learn more about our roofing installation, repair and replacement services, contact us today at 309-530-4204. Also, you can reach us via email at