Gutter Cleaning Fairbury IL

Gutter Cleaning Fairbury IL

Gutter Cleaning for Fairbury IL Done Right

As you might expect, the contractors at Popejoy Roofing spend a significant time on roofs. And something we often notice when performing roof inspections is the need for gutter maintenance. Gutters aren’t only an integral part of protecting your roof, but your entire property! Thus, gutter cleaning for Fairbury IL and throughout the Midwest is essential for any home or business.

When’s the Right Time for Gutter Cleaning?

It might not be immediately apparent when gutter cleaning becomes necessary for your property. However, if you know the warning signs, you can call Popejoy before a clogged gutter causes water damage, a leaky roof, a cracked foundation, and other severe problems.

  • Does Water Reach Your Downspouts? – Gutters are designed to catch water rolling off your roof and funnel it away from the side and base of your property. However, if water isn’t reaching your gutters’ downspouts, it’s likely flowing over the sides of your gutters. In winter, this becomes more apparent if icicles begin to form over your gutters’ edges.
  • Do Your Gutters Seem Straight? – Bends, breaks, cracks and leaks in your gutter can also contribute to eventual water damage. If debris is blocking the flow of water, it can pool in certain sections. And while gutters are durable, enough weight in one area can cause enough stress to bend or break your gutters. Moreover, once your gutters lose their shape, cleaning alone won’t fix the flow of water.
  • How Long Has It Been Since Your Last Gutter Cleaning? – Additional signs you need gutter cleaning in Fairbury IL include stain marks on your siding, pests making their home in your gutters, or plant growth on or near your gutters. However, the most significant sign of a gutter needing cleaning is the passage of time. If you don’t know the last time your gutters were cleaned, that means you’re due. On average, gutters should be cleaned twice a year.
Gutter Cleaning Fairbury IL
Roofer Gutter Cleaning in Fairbury IL

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Gutters are only one part of your roof. At Popejoy, we cover every aspect of roof repair and installation. With over 25 combined years of experience, our team strives to offer the area’s highest quality service with complete customer satisfaction. And to ensure your every roofing need is met, we offer:

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