What type of roof do I need?

Choosing The Right Roof For You

If you are planning to build a new roof, you may be considering making a change from the kind of roof you have presently. Every kind of roof has its pros and cons. If you are wondering, “What type of roof do I need?” talk to the experienced people at Popejoy Roofing to help you decide what kind of roof would work best for you.

A house is seen with a tile roof. What type of roof do I need? Call Popejoy Roofing.

What Factors Should You Consider In Choosing A Roof?

You have to consider several things: your budget, your climate, the architectural style of your house (or other structure) and your personal preferences.

Consider The Most Common Types Of Roofs

In central Illinois, the types of roofs most often chosen for residential use include:

  • Asphalt shingles – These are the most popular option in North America. They’re affordable and versatile and installation is relatively simple. These shingles come in many colors and styles and provide good protection. You can expect asphalt shingles to last about 2–25 years. We carry Malarkey Roofing Products.
  • Metal roofs – Metal roofing is durable and low-maintenance. Best of all, you can expect a metal roof to last 50 years or more. These roofs are resistant to fire, hail, wind and rot. You have your choice of materials, including steel, aluminum, copper and zinc. Some metal roofs are made to resemble tiles or slate. On the downside, metal roofs are more expensive upfront than asphalt shingles.
  • Tile roofing – A tile roof may be made of clay, concrete or a composite material. Such roofs are appreciated for their classic elegance, durability and resistance to fire. You can choose tiles in a variety of shapes and colors. These roofs complement Mediterranean or Southwestern-styled homes. However, tiles are usually heavy and may require additional structural support. If you’re working with new construction and know you want a tile roof, the design can account for this. However, if you’re seeking to add tile to an existing house, you’ll need to check whether your existing structure can handle the weight.
  • Wood shingle roofing – A wood roof, though beautiful and natural and popular for cabins and some historic homes, is not suitable for any structure where wildfires are a risk. However, wooden roofs are surprisingly durable and provide excellent insulation. Be aware that a wood roof requires maintenance to avoid rot, mold or infestation by termites and other insects.

Slate Roofs Offer Rare Beauty

Few roofs can match slate for its beauty, longevity and durability. Slate roofs are also highly resistant to fire, wind and moisture. These roofs can last for more than 100 years and look perfect on historic homes and upscale structures. They look gorgeous on historic homes. Unfortunately, slate roofing is expensive, heavy and more complicated to install.

Flat Roofs Are Most Often Chosen For Commercial Buildings

Aflat roof can suit a contemporary home well, but these roofs are more commonly used on commercial structures. Flat roofs offer the possibility of rooftop gardens, solar panels and HVAC equipment. However, because flat roofs do not drain as well, they are inherently more likely to leak, leading to more water damage. It’s vital that they be properly designed and constructed with suitable materials.

A house is seen with a tile roof. What type of roof do I need? Call Popejoy Roofing in Bloomington or Champaign IL.

So, What Type Of Roof Do I Need?

Popejoy Roofing offers expert advice on choosing the right roof. Owner John Popejoy has been advising homeowners and business owners throughout his long career in central Illinois. Call the experts at Popejoy at 217-600-2464.