Siding Installation Champaign IL

Call The Siding Installation Experts In Champaign IL

Champaign homeowners and business owners alike agree that when you need new siding, the company to call is Popejoy Roofing. You already know of Popejoy’s reputation for quality roofing. But did you know Popejoy also installs siding? They’re the experts in siding installation in Champaign IL. If you’re considering having new siding installed, call Popejoy today at 217-600-2464.

Siding Installation Champaign IL

How Do I Evaluate Installation Options?

Two factors help determine how satisfied you’ll feel with your new siding: The quality of the siding itself and the skill of the installation crew. When you choose Popejoy, you don’t have to worry about either one.

What Brand Of Siding Does Popejoy Install?

When it comes to what companies they partner with, Popejoy is very choosy. The siding products Popejoy sells and installs are produced by Westlake Royal Building Products. Known for its high-quality, attractive siding product, the Westlake’s siding enhances the beauty of any structure.

What Siding Materials Do You Want?

Siding comes in several different materials, and the one that is right for your home or business can depend on a few different things. Some of the things you will want to consider include the architecture of your house, your personal taste and your budget. Popejoy offers three main types of siding for you to choose from:

  • Vinyl siding – Generally the most popular choice, it’s a favorite for its durability and ease of maintenance. In addition, it’s cost-effective and comes in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit just about any style of house or building. If you’re looking for a type of versatile and attractive siding that suits many different property styles, vinyl may be your choice.
  • Composite siding – This material provides long-lasting beauty and can stand up to even severe weather conditions. Many people choose it for its exceptional strength as well as for its aesthetic appeal. Composite siding offers the look of natural wood but with a fraction of the maintenance real wood siding tends to require. An additional advantage is its resistance to both moisture and pests.
  • Aluminum siding – Lightweight, durable, rust-resistant, fireproof and recyclable, aluminum also offers a sleek and modern appearance. Plus, it’s an environmentally friendly option.

How Important Are Quality Materials?

Choosing the color of your house is often seen as the fun part of the process of getting new siding. You can dramatically change and update the look of your house by changing its color, if you wish. (You can also match your home’s existing color if you love what you already have!) But while the aesthetic appearance of your siding is important, that is not the only factor you need to think about. The quality of the siding matters greatly as well. Some of the things to consider include:

  • Energy efficiency – You can potentially save money on energy bills by choosing a better-insulated product. When quality siding can assist you in keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, why not take advantage of this option?
  • Enhanced protection – Your siding and roof are your home’s top defenses against weather. Keeping out moisture and protecting your home from other elements (wind, hail, ice) that could compromise the structure of your house is the No. 1 job of your home’s exterior shell. You’ll want to choose a siding option that helps keep your home investment safe.
  • Noise reduction – When you choose high-quality, insulated siding, you can help make the inside of your home or business a much quieter and more peaceful environment.
Siding Installation Champaign IL

The Right Siding Can Enhance Your Property Value

Curb appeal matters. It’s probably second only to location in gaining homebuyers’ initial interest in your property. So for the best chance of increasing your property value, both the appearance and quality of the materials installed on your home’s exterior can play a part. In other words, both your roof and your siding can add or detract from your home’s value, and we’re here to help you make the most of both of them. Take a fresh look at the existing siding on your house. If it’s faded, soiled, worn, unattractive or otherwise has a negative appearance, your house cannot make the good impression you hope for. When you make a choice about the level of quality and appearance your new siding will have, keep in mind that you may be helping to  make your home more desirable and worth more if you decide to sell it.

Trust The Home Exteriors Experts

The company to trust for your home’s roof repairs or replacements, new siding or related jobs like flashing repair and gutter installation is Popejoy. If you are ready for siding Installation in Champaign IL, call  217-600-2464 today.