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Need New Siding? Make The Quality Choice!

Pontiac homeowners and business owners have long trusted Popejoy Roofing with their roofs. But did you know Popejoy also sells, maintains and installs siding? So if you’re looking for the siding companies Pontiac IL trusts, the answer is Popejoy. You can expect the same high-quality workmanship and materials for your new siding project that you got from your roof. If it’s time to re-side your house, call Popejoy today at 309-530-4204.

A man is seen installing siding. Popejoy Roofing is the best of the Siding Companies.

Does Popejoy Use Quality Materials?

You probably know the Popejoy reputation for high standards in materials. The brand of siding products Popejoy carries are produced by Westlake Royal Building Products. The Westlake company is known for high-quality, attractive siding products that go on looking good and then continue looking great and protecting your home for many years.

Choose The Siding You Like Best

What’s the best siding? The best product for your home or business depends on a few different factors. Naturally, you will want to take into consideration the architecture of your house as well as your personal style, preferred colors and budget. In general, there are three main types of siding to choose from:

  • Vinyl siding: This is the most popular choice. People love it because it’s so durable and easy to maintain. In addition, it’s usually budget-friendly and comes in a large variety of colors and styles. For any homeowner who wants a versatile and attractive siding that suits many different property styles, vinyl is a great choice.
  • Composite siding: This provides long-lasting beauty and holds up well under when hit with severe weather conditions. People appreciate it for its exceptional strength as well as its aesthetic appeal. Composite siding offers the look of natural wood but is low-maintenance. In addition, unlike real wood, it’s resistant to pests and moisture.
  • Aluminum siding: It’s lightweight and rust-resistant and offers a sleek, modern appearance. Aluminum siding is also quite durable and offers the added advantages of being fireproof and recyclable. It’s an environmentally friendly option and comes with a much smaller environmental footprint.

Is High-Quality Siding Worth It?

Of course the aesthetic appearance of your siding is important. You want to like the way your house looks. But that is not the only factor to consider. The quality of your siding also matters for many other reasons, including:

  • Energy efficiency: If you choose better siding, it can help insulate your home or business. Good siding assists in keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer – possibly saving you money on energy bills.
  • Enhanced protection from moisture and wind: You should be able to expect your siding to keep out moisture and other elements that could compromise the structure of your house.
  • Noise reduction: When you choose high-quality siding, it can help keep the inside of your home or business much quieter. The result can be a much more peaceful environment.

Your Siding Choice Can Affect Your Property Value

Even if location is the first thing to gain homebuyers’ interest, curb appeal is quite important too. The appearance and quality of the materials installed on your home’s exterior can play a big part in determining your property value. Both your roof and your siding siding matter, and we’re here to help you make the most of both! Take a look at the existing siding on your house. If it is unattractive or deteriorating, your house cannot make the impression you’d prefer. Both the quality and appearance of the siding you choose could help attract buyers and perhaps result in a better price if you decide to sell your home later.

A worker is seen installing siding. Popejoy Roofing is the best of the Siding Companies in Pontiac IL.

Turn To The Home Exterior Experts

If your siding needs an upgrade, turn to the company you know you can trust for roof repairs or replacements, new siding or for any of the related exterior services Popejoy offers. That includes flashing repair and gutter installation. If you are researching the siding companies Pontiac IL trusts, the answer is Popejoy Roofing. To make the exterior of your home all it can be, call  309-530-4204 today.