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What Champaign Siding Companies Do Homeowners Recommend?

Champaign homeowners and business owners already trust Popejoy Roofing with their roofs, but did you know Popejoy also installs siding? In fact, it’s among the top siding companies in Champaign. You can expect the same high-quality workmanship and materials for your siding project that you’d expect for your new roof. To learn more, call Popejoy at 217-600-2464.

A sided house is seen. Popejoy Roofing is a siding company.

What Siding Does Popejoy Use?

Popejoy has a well-earned reputation for partnering with companies that produce high-quality materials. The brand of siding products Popejoy sells and installs are produced by Westlake Royal Building Products. The Westlake name is known for its beautiful, top-notch quality products that offer high resistance to the elements.

What Kinds Of Siding Are Available?

As with roofing materials, you’ll probably want to consider carefully what kind of material you want to put on your house or business. Consider the architecture of your house, your personal style and your budget. Three types of siding are available:

  • Vinyl siding is a popular choice. It’s durable, easy to maintain, and very cost-effective. Plus, it comes in many colors and styles. For a versatile and stylish choice for many different property styles, vinyl stands out as a great choice
  • Composite siding is appreciated for its exceptional strength and aesthetic appeal. It offers the look of natural wood without the maintenance required for cedar siding. In addition, it’s resistant to moisture and pests. Composite siding provides long-lasting beauty under all conditions.
  • Aluminum siding offers a sleek and modern appearance and is lightweight and rust-resistant. This kind of siding is also durable, fireproof, and recyclable. It’s an environmentally friendly option for anyone who wants to choose a material based on their property’s environmental footprint.

Why Does Quality Siding Matter So Much?

The quality of your siding matters not just because of its aesthetic appearance, but for many other reasons as well. Some of these reasons include:

  • Energy efficiency: High-quality siding is designed to help insulate your home or business. It can help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Enhanced protection from moisture and wind: Your siding should help protect your home from the elements.
  • Noise reduction: Quality siding helps keep your indoor environment quieter and more peaceful.

Does New Siding Improve Your Property Value?

A worker is seen cutting siding. Popejoy Roofing is a siding company.

The appearance and quality of the materials that make up your home’s exterior can greatly affect your property value. This is true of both your roof and your siding. If the siding on your house is old, deteriorating and dirty, your house is not making the impression it could be. Should you decide to sell your home, the quality and appearance of the siding you choose could help attract buyers and help bring in a better price.

Trust Popejoy To Take Care Of Your Home’s Exterior

Whether you need a roof repair or replacement, new siding or related services like flashing repair or gutter installation, go with the company Champaign trusts: Popejoy Roofing. Call us at 217-600-2464.