Roof Repair Bloomington IL

Roof Repair Bloomington IL

Hail Damage Roof Repair in Bloomington IL

Popejoy Roofing can inspect your home or business to provide hail damage roof repair in Bloomington IL. Call our qualified local professional contractors now at 309-530-4204.

Severe storms with high winds and hail often inflict visible damage on your property. However, you may not see any visible signs of hail damage from a ground-level view. If you see damage to your siding, your vehicles, or notice your neighbors getting roof repair, you may require hail damage roof repair in Bloomington IL.

Hail damage often compromises the integrity of your shingles. In fact, it can destroy granule layers of the shingle. As a result, your roofing materials degrade faster due to increased exposure to the elements and ultraviolet rays from the sun. Let one of our trained inspectors from Popejoy Roofing can look at your roof if you suspect hail damage occurred.

Contact us now for a free inspection. We can coordinate with your insurance to give you affordable hail damage roof repair in Bloomington IL.

Typical Signs of Storm Damage Requiring Roof Repair in Bloomington IL

Central Illinois storms bring severe weather conditions that take a toll on your roof. Winds exceeding 45 miles per hour can blow shingles and other materials off your roof. Hail, heavy rainfall, and winter blizzards can cause water leaks, degrade roofing materials, and create mold problems that jeopardize your health. Also, blistering summer heat and freezing cold temperatures in the winter can cause flashing that protects your roofing materials to warp, dent, bend, and break.

Popejoy Roofing can provide any needed storm damage roof repair in Bloomington IL. Contact us to get our licensed, bonded, and insured roofers to inspect your roofing if you notice any of the following issues after a storm:

Water Leaks

If you notice water spots on your ceiling or water coming from your attic after a storm, you likely sustained roof damage. Water damage requires immediate roof repair in Matton IL. Without it, you could quickly wind up needing a total roof replacement.

Missing or Misshaped Shingles

Strong winds can create enough suction pressure to rip shingles off your roof completely. Also, winds can generate enough force to lift, curl or separate shingles from other roofing materials. Missing or damaged shingles require immediate repairs to prevent leaks.

Gutter Problems

Storms can blow debris, leaves, and other things onto your roof that can clog your gutters. If that happens, contact Popejoy Roofing for our gutter cleaning services. Keeping your gutters clean will allow you to avoid water damage, growth of mold or algae, and decay of your roofing materials.

Flashing Repair

Sections of galvanized aluminum or steel called flashing protect vulnerable areas of your roof from water accumulation. Storms can bend or cause flashing to separate from roofing materials. Meanwhile, severe hot or cold temperatures cause flashing to shrink, expand, or pull away from your roof. Contact Popejoy Roofing for our flashing repair services, especially if you have chimney flashing damage.

An old roof requiring Roof Repair in Bloomington IL

Contact Us for Emergency Roof Repair in Bloomington IL

Roof damage from storms and severe weather comes unexpectedly and creates an immediate threat to the structural integrity of your home or business. Therefore, you cannot afford to wait around for roof repair in Bloomington IL. Call Popejoy Roofing at 309-530-4204 for a fast response for damage to your roof from a storm, wind, or hail. You can also contact our local roofers online to get started on an estimate for your roof repair.