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A gutter full of debris is seen. Popejoy Roofing offers gutter cleaning.

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Is gutter cleaning your favorite outdoor activity? No? For gutter cleaning in Mahomet IL, call Popejoy Roofing.

Why Hire A Professional?

Having a roofing professional clean your gutters offers many advantages. For one, we have special equipment that allows us to do a better job, and to do so safely. For another, while we’re up there we can take a look and identify problems before they get out of hand.

How Can I Know My Gutters Are Clogged?

You may or may not be able to get a clear view of your gutters from the ground or from a window. If you can see your gutters, it may be obvious they are full of leaves, small sticks and other debris. Can’t get a visual of the inside of the gutters? Check to see if water is freely moving from the downspouts during a rain. If you see gutters overflowing, that’s a sign that you likely have a clog. Other signs of gutter issues include these issues:

  • Are your gutters sagging? That’s a sign that debris is trapping water and debris.
  • Can you see mold growing on your gutters?
  • Is your yard infested with mosquitoes? Maybe you’ve eliminated other stagnant water sources, but what about your gutters? Trapped water in your gutters provides an ideal environment for mosquitos and other bugs.
  • Take a look at your siding. Is it stained from water? If your gutters are not directing water away from your siding, they require maintenance.
  • Is water getting into your basement? It’s important to properly direct water away from your foundation. Clogged gutters can mean large amounts of rainwater pool around your foundation, potentially causing damage to your house’s foundation and water in your basement.

Do You Want To Avoid Climbing Ladders?

Especially for a house of more than one story, climbing ladders can pose dangers. For many people, it’s a good idea to let a well-trained and professional crew with the right equipment to safely handle heights take care of the job for you. Our many satisfied customers greatly appreciate it when we handle the tough jobs for them.

A worker is seen removing debris from gutters. Popejoy Roofing offers Gutter Cleaning in Mahomet IL.

Gutter Cleaning Serves A Dual Purpose.

On one hand, cleaning your gutters is an important part of home maintenance and helps prevent myriad water problems. On the other hand, it also helps maintain your backyard as a pleasant and attractive place that doesn’t attract mosquitoes.

Are You Ready For Clean Gutters?

Clean gutters are just one phone call away. Call Popejoy Roofing at 217-600-2464 for gutter cleaning in Mahomet IL.