Flat Roofs Monticello IL

Flat Roofs Monticello IL

How Affordable Are Flat Roofs in Monticello IL?

When compared to metal or asphalt shingles, it is more cost-effective to install flat roofs in Monticello IL. The cheaper cost associated with flat roof installation is one of the biggest reasons why they are very popular with commercial property owners. Here are some of the reasons why flat roofs cost less to install than other roofing materials.

  • Efficiency of Materials
    • Flat roofs require less material to install than pitched roofs due to the horizontal design, leading to cost savings.
    • Commonly used flat roof materials such as bitumen, rubber, flat concrete, or built-ups cost less than other types of roofing materials.
  • Less Labor Costs
    • The installation process for flat roofs takes less time and is less difficult than steeply sloped roofs, keeping labor costs lower.
  • Reduced Energy Expenses
    • Flat roofs reflect the sun’s rays, preventing solar heat from raising the temperature inside your property. As a result, you use less energy and spend less on cooling.

Not all roofing contractors have the expertise to properly install flat roofs. However, Popejoy Roofing has decades of experience with them. Contact us for a free estimate.

What Are Other Benefits of Flat Roofs?

There are many other compelling reasons why to consider installing flat roofs in Monticello IL. Some of the other top benefits of flat roofs include the following.

  • Free Up Space – Many businesses struggle to maximize the usable space in their buildings. However, one way to free up space is to install a flat roof. You can house solar panels, HVAC units, and other equipment on the roof to use more space for other things inside your commercial property.
  • Easier Access – Flat roofs also allow for easier maintenance because they pose less safety risk to walk on than pitched roofs. So, it is easier to inspect the roof for damage, keep it clean of debris, and maintain other equipment housed on the roof.
  • Aesthetics – Since flat roofs are not visible from the ground, they emphasize the architectural design of your building to help your business catch customer attention.

What Are Signs I Need Repair Services for Flat Roofs?

Flat Roofs Monticello IL

The most troublesome sign that you need roof repair services is water leaks. Leaks can cause water damage to building materials underneath your roof and lead to moisture that causes mildew or mold. Here are some other common signs that you need professional repair services for flat roofs in Monticello IL.

  • The roof membrane is cracking, blistering, or bubbling.
  • Large pools of stagnant water accumulate on your roof without draining within 1 to 2 days after a storm.
  • The roof is buckling or sagging.
  • Mold or mildew is growing on your roof.
  • Roof panels show signs of visible damage, cracks, or splits.
  • There is missing or damaged flashing around roof penetrations, chimneys, and vents.

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