Siding Repair Champaign IL

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If you’re a homeowner or business owner in Champaign whose siding needs a fix, the company to call is Popejoy Roofing. You’re probably already aware of Popejoy’s sterling reputation for installing and repairing roofing. But did you know Popejoy also installs and repairs siding? So if you need a repair, call the experts in siding repair in Champaign IL: Popejoy Roofing. Call 217-600-2464 today.

Siding Repair Champaign IL

What Kind Of Repair Do You Need?

Siding usually does a good job of protecting your home, but there are times when something goes wrong. Perhaps a severe storm ripped off part of your siding or sent a tree branch crashing into it. A stray baseball from a neighborhood child may have cracked or dented it. In other cases, years of bright sunlight may have dulled the color. Whatever the cause, you may find yourself with siding that will require repair or even a full replacement.

Can Your Siding Be Saved?

You may be trying to decide whether your siding is a total loss or if it possibly can be repaired. If the damage is in a small area, you may be able to have a simple repair done rather than having your entire home or businesses re-sided. Questions to consider include the age of the siding, whether most of it still functions well and looks good, and how much of a budget you have for the job. If you’re not sure, call the siding pros at Popejoy for expert advice and estimates of the cost of a repair vs a total siding replacement.

What Kind Of Siding Repairs Are Possible?

If you have pieces of vinyl or composite siding left over from installation, you can simply remove the old siding and insert a replacement piece. You will need a zip tool to unlock the old piece of vinyl and to secure the replacement piece. For aluminum siding, you can correct a small hole or dent with a patching compound. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and then prime and paint the area to match the rest of the house.

Does Popejoy Offer A Preferred Brand?

Popejoy is particular about the manufacturers it partners with. The siding company Popejoy uses is Westlake Royal Building Products. The company is known for excellent quality.

If You Decide To Replace Instead Of Repair Your Siding, Choose the Best Type

Homeowners can make a choice from several different siding materials. Consider the architectural style of your house, your personal preferences and your budget. The three main types of siding for you to choose from include:

  • Vinyl siding – There’s a reason this is such a popular choice. It’s durable, cost-effective and easy to maintain. With the wide variety of styles and colors available, it works for almost any style of home or business.
  • Composite siding – The long-lasting beauty and superior protection from severe weather conditions makes this kind of siding a strong choice. It offers the look of natural wood but requires only a fraction of the maintenance required by real wood siding. Plus, it’s resistant to both pests and moisture.
  • Aluminum siding – This environmentally-friendly option is lightweight, durable, rust-resistant, fireproof and recyclable. Aluminum siding presents a sleek and modern look. The newer generation of aluminum siding offers a range of patterns and textures.
Siding Repair Champaign IL

Great Siding Is Important For Your Property Value

If your siding is in poor repair, it’s not doing your property value any favors. Repairing or replacing your siding makes your home more desirable and potentially worth more if you decide to sell it.

Are You Ready To Give Your Siding A New Lease On Life?

If you are ready for siding repair in Champaign IL, call  217-600-2464 today.