Roof Installation Bloomington IL

Roof Installation Bloomington IL

Top 5 Problems that Require Roof Installation in Bloomington IL

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A new roof serves as one of the most expensive and most vital investments you can make to secure your home. Your roof safeguards your house from hail, rain, wind, and snow, and other damage from pests, mold, or algae. Plus, a new roof can give your home a fresh look, improve your home’s value, and catch the eye of buyers.

Popejoy Roofing realizes you need a roof you can count on, and you can trust our company to keep it that way in the coming years. As a Malarkey Partner, we offer the finest quality shingles from Legacy, Vista, and Highlander. Most products come with a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty, and we also guarantee our workmanship with a pledge to fix any problems for free.

Contact us now to get a free pricing proposal on roof installation in Bloomington IL. Our company uses only licensed, bonded, and insured roofers to provide quality residential and commercial roofing solutions. Please consider our services if your roof exhibits any of the conditions below.

1. Shingles Start Losing Granules

If your existing roof includes shingles with missing granules, it creates an unsightly look with patchy bald spots. In this state, shingles may still prevent water leaks, but they will not keep the temperature of your home moderate. As a result, your energy bill will rise because your air conditioner will need to work harder to cool your home in the summer.

2. Your Roofing Materials Are Beginning to Warp

When your shingles start to cup or curl, you should consider new roof installation in Bloomington IL. This state means that water can get under your shingles. Consequently, water leaks can damage your roof deck. Consequently, your roof deck will rot and expose the interior of your home to water damage.

3. Cracks Begin to Show on Your Shingles

Roofing materials with cracks will not divert water like they should. As a result, water will seep down into your roof deck, causing it to decay. Eventually, this will expose the interior of your home to leaks and water damage.

4. Your Roof Springs Multiple Leaks

Aging roofs that allow multiple leaks require new roof installation in Bloomington IL. Your roof contains uses a whole host of components, not just shingles. Deck paper, other underlayment materials, flashing, ice, and moisture barrier in valleys, starter shingles, vent stack boots and other components all need to stay in good shape to protect your home. As the roof ages and several of its components or locations fail, the roof will not keep temperature moderate in the interior of your home or protect it from water leaks.

5. Roofing Materials Blow Off or Get Damaged in a Storm

A damaged roof needing a new roof, thanks to Roof Installation in Bloomington IL

If more than about 35% of the roof is going to need a repair due to wind or hail damage, then you can save money with roof installation in Bloomington IL. Repair costs more than replacement per square foot because it is more time-consuming to integrate new shingles into the existing roof. Plus, you likely will not like the look of a patchwork of old and news.

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