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Flashing is seen by a chimney. Popejoy Roofing does Flashing Repair.

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Sometimes, the first clue that the flashing on your roof has failed is a waterfall inside your house. To avoid that outcome, it’s far better to inspect your flashing and make repairs before that happens. For flashing repair in Mahomet IL, call Popejoy Roofing.

Roof Flashing? What’s That?

Look closely at your roof. Do you see that small section of (most likely) metal? It will be there regardless of what type of roof the house has. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, check around the chimney, in the valleys and around each vent pipe. That flashing is an important part of keeping rain out of your house.

Why Is Flashing Needed?

Regardless of whether your roof is made of asphalt shingles, tiles or wood, solid metal sheeting is required to protect the areas of your roof most vulnerable to water damage. In addition, you’ll probably see flashing installed around windows and other places where it’s necessary to direct water away from a structure.

Is Flashing Always Made Of Metal?

Most of the time, galvanized steel is used for flashing. However, several other metals also serve well. Aluminum is cheaper than galvanized steel, but it is not as high-quality. Copper provides a premium performance and appearance. As it ages into a rich patina, it adds character to your house. Copper flashing is more expensive, but it may be worth it if you wish to enhance your curb appeal.

Is Flashing Always Made of Metal?

It is in most cases, but exceptions exist. In some cases other materials are used, including rubberized asphalt, polyvinyl chloride, acrylic or plastic membranes.

How Can I Tell If My Roof Flashing Requires Repair?

When your roof is leaking, that’s one sign. However, you don’t want to wait for things to reach that point. It’s best to periodically check your flashing and the rest of your roof once in a while. If hair or another extreme weather incident may have damaged your roof, an inspection is vital. Other signs include flashing that is:

  • Bent or cracked
  • Rusted or corroded
  • Missing in places
Flashing is seen by a chimney. Popejoy Roofing does Flashing Repair in Mahomet IL.

What Is Involved In Flashing Repair?

How damaged is your flashing? If just a small area has suffered damage a simple patch may be all that’s required. If, however, the entire flashing construction has eroded, or if your flashing was poorly installed in the first place, full replacement is your only option. In most cases, if you want to avoid future problems, install all new flashing when your roof is replaced.

Is It Time For Flashing Repair Or Replacement?

If you require flashing repair in Mahomet IL, or if you need a professional inspection to assess the need of replacement or repair, call Popejoy Roofing at 217-600-2464. Flashing is important and you need it done right. We partner with Malarkey Roofing Products, so our quality is high.